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Angel's Rescue is a community based, 24/7 animal rescue organisation that also provides a one stop support system for those caring for animals. Our services range from practical advice and guidance through to the direct care of animals in need.

The Rescue has been operating for over 16 years, primarily covering the East Cheshire area, and in 2011 became acknowledged by the Charity Commission, granting Angel's Rescue official charity status (Charity Number 1138505).

In addition to benefitting the public by caring for sick, injured or homeless animals, Angel's Rescue also runs a re-homing and fostering program for both animals in the rescue's care, and unwanted pets. Animals have included; cats, dogs, horses, and even local wildlife such as hedgehogs! More information regarding animals in our care currently looking for homes or fosterers can be found on the our animals page.

Angels Rescue also also provide opportunities for enrichment, development and also offer support to people who gone through physical, emotional and mental trauma.

All staff and trustees involved provide their time on a voluntary basis, offering a range of skills and experience such as:

The re-habilitation of animals Monitoring of sick animals
Giving medication Over 20 years experience in caring for horses
Syringe feeding Business management

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, foster home, trustee or if you would like more information on the animals currently available, please visit our contact us page or contact us via our website form

We often hear people saying they don't want a rescue and they are under the mistaken impression that rescue animals are "problem animals", nothing could be further from the truth! Those animals usually end up in rescues due to no fault of their own, in 99.9% of all the cases the fault is with the ow


If you ever wondered why you should adopt a rescue dog and not buy from a breeder, read this, you will be amazed!


We hope you are all having a fantastic weekend and enjoy yourself, however if we can suggest a little thing... On weekends people tend to drink far too much (drink plenty of water before you go to bed, so the hang over isn't too bad due to dehydration), how about you donate just the one last beer th

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